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Common questions about the pricing?

What is domain Search on EmailFront?

The search of a domain name that returns the email addresses with this domain found on the web.

How to calculate the number of domain search?

The data returned by each query represents one search at a time, and is not counted if no data is returned.

What is professional Leads?

The professional example is the mailbox data pass returned by the interest keyword search.

How to calculate the number of professional Leads?

Returning a mailbox by interest keyword search is a professional example.

What is filter?

Professional leads were searched by interest keywords and it supports filtering countries and genders.

About data export?

You can export only the visible data that has been returned, or you can export all the data, but you need to calculate the number of remaining requests; you need feedback when the remaining number of times is insufficient.

What is the verification function?

You can verify if a single mailbox is true.